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wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights are Three Lights in One, For Safety and FUN!

Ultra-lightweight, multi-functional, wheelchair lights:
1. Use the white microlight to light your way
2. Use the multi-colored microlight to increase your visibility
3. Point the multi-colored microlight directly below your wheelchair for a cool "UnderGlow" effect.

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Of wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights 

What makes wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights special?
The clip allows the microlights to be instantly attached to the wheelchair seat sling.
No difficult mounting or assembly required.
Attaches quickly when you want it. Remove it when not needed.
The clip has a 360 degree rotatable head which allows you to point the light in any direction.
The clip and microlight weigh an amazing 10 GRAMS! (0.3 oz)

One wUnderGlow Wheelchair Light Kit includes:

  • one rotatable clip.
  • one white microlight
  • one multi-color flashing microlight 
  • 2 long-life replaceable batteries (CR 2016 lithium) in each microlight
  • also available with optional extra-clip so you can use both microlights simultaneously

      Clip plus microlight weigh ONLY 10 grams (0.3oz)!!

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