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Wheels On Fire Wheelchair Reflectors

Wheelchairs are built low to the ground and can be difficult to see at night. Why not light up your wheelchair with RehaDesign Wheels on Fire Wheelchair Reflectors?

The retro-reflective properties will turn each spoke of your wheelchair into a becon warning drivers of your presence. Improve your visibility with minimal added weight and no wheel wobble.  

* Increase your visibility with 360 degree Retro-Reflective Power

* Add bling to your wheels

* No wheel wobble

* Wheels stay in balance

* Each pack includes 36 "flames".

* Each "Flame" weights only 1gram (0.03 ounces).

* Fits standard wheelchair spokes to 2mm diameter

Watch a video demonstration of RehaDesign Wheels On Fire Wheelchair Reflectors



Costs only 25 euro for a pack, which includes FREE world-wide shipping by post. See discounts for purchasing multiple packs by clicking the drop down menu below


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