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When you bring your wheelchair in from the outside, what ELSE are you bringing with you? Imagine all of the filth your wheelchair rolls through outside, which eventually finds its way into you house. When you visit friends or relatives, are you sometimes embarassed by the dirt and marks your wheels leave on their floors? You do not have to put up with dirty and marked floors. Now you can keep your house and hands clean with RehaDesign Wheelchair Wheel Covers.

We call our wheelchair wheel covers "RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers", because like with regular slippers, wheelchair users can slip-on their "Wheelchair Slippers" to be comfortable at home and leave the outside dirt outside.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers have the following advantages:

Floors stay clean

Machine washable

Your hands stay clean

Prevent tire marks on floors

Fit standard 24 inch wheelchair wheels

Soft artificial suede material on the outside

Grippy material on the inside to minimize slippage

Go on in seconds without leaving wheelchair(see video)

Use when transporting wheelchair to avoid scratching hand-rims

Take them when visiting to avoid dirtying the floors of friends and relatives

Video Demonstration (click to activate)

Slip Into Your RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers in Seconds

WITHOUT leaving your wheelchair

RehaDesign Wheelchair Wheel Covers come TWO in a package

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Now you can buy RehaDesign Slippers in three beautiful colors

Purple, Blue and Classic Beige

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The price of 39 EURO includes TWO Slippers PLUS FREE Worldwide shipping by registered parcel post.

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Customer Feedback:

I love the wheelchair slippers. We use them on my father's wheelchair. We had black marks on the carpet and it was a constant struggle to keep the wheels clean. We don't take the wheelchair out of the house but from the bathroom where the floor may be wet to the kitchen where he picked up all kinds of dirt and other things on the floor he would move into the carpeted areas of the house and all the dirt and scum would be left on the carpet. The wheelchair slippers put a stop to that. I bought two pairs and I change them once per week. I just wash them and let them hang to dry and they are ready to go for the next week.

Pam W.
Dallas, Texas

Questions? Contact us and we will respond, usually within 24 hours. If you are interested in distributing RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers, contact us to find more information about our conditions.